Frequently asked questions

What is a traffic exchange?

Traffic exchanges are online services where web site owners trade traffic.Other members of Surf 4 Fun Traffic Exchange will view your web site when you visit the sites of other members.


How Do I Receive Hits?

Click 'Surf' on the members area menu to start viewing sites from other members.
You will earn credits for every site you view.
Your site will receive one hit for each credit
that you assign to your site.

How do I get a Profile picture?

To have a profile picture, you have to use Gravatar, Globally recognized avatars. Sign up there with the email you use for your account here, or add this email to your existing Gravatar account. Connect a picture to it and rate the picture "G" as in suitable for all ages.

How can I earn commissions?

Promote any of the Surf4Funte traffic links listed on the Affiliate Toolbox page under the Affiliates menu. When someone signs up from your link, they will be your referral. You will earn credits when they surf and commissions when they purchase something.

How do I get my commissions?

Enter your preferred payout method and the address for it on the Profile page under the Account menu. Once you have $15 you are eligible for payout. Simply contact support below to request your payout.

Refund policy

All sales are final, we do not offer a refund on purchased upgrades or advertising offers. Should you choose to delete your account, a current upgrade will not be refunded or moved to another account.

Surf4Funte URL Rules:

Sites in all languages are allowed, as long as they pass our security checks and do not break these rules. Before submitting a URL to Salty Life, please read these rules very carefully and make sure your URL does not violate any of them. If you violate any of these rules, your site will be deleted. Your Surf4Funte account may also be deleted.

*No sites with illegal activity.
*No frame-breaking sites.
*No or similar redirecting sites.
*No viruses, trojans, or spyware.
*No sites with pop-up or pop-under ads.
*No sites that trigger anti-virus warnings.
*No adult content.
*No gambling sites.
*Rotators may be promoted only if all sites or banners in rotation comply with these terms.
*No HYIPs or "investment autosurfs". These are illegal in most countries.
*No PTP ads (you may promote these sites to get referrals, but not display their PTP ads)
*No pyramid or ponzi scheme sites.
*No "Get rich quick"-schemes.

All sites submitted is checked. Surf4Funte has the full right to delete any site that is inappropriate, questionable or gets a lot of complaints from other members.

Contact Support

If you need any help or assistance, or if you have any other questions, please

Contact Support