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Hello and welcome to Surf 4 Fun Traffic Exchange




Our aim is to give you a fun surfing experience whilst making sure we get you quality traffic to your campaigns




we have feautures such as Recommended Splash which alows you to insert ten of your programmes  to advertise on other sites 




we have pro downline builder in which you can add your programmes and referral Id's so when your downline clicks on a link they will sign up under you. Team surfing so you can either join a team or start your own and network with other members of your team.




Private Messaging so you can contact other members.




LFMTE community chat to enable you to chat with members of other sites. we also have our own inhouse chat to enable you to talk with other  members.




We have Piggy Bank where you can deposit funds to upgrade or buy sales packages from the site.




we are a premium partner of Food Game where you can use Gold to upgrade




we are Platinum Partner at Finest  Traffic so you can participate in the stars Challenge.




We are a quad badge member of Lost in Add Spaces




We have VTG and are in the Surf League 




We have Get The Spot so you can have your site highlighted for a period of time so every member will see your add.




We have log in bonuses so every day you log in you get a bonus.




We have Super Splash which will help you gain referrals with one url so no need to chase around if we change splash pages it automatically does it for you








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